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How to Fix the Infinite Loading Screen Issue in the Anthem Demo? -
Sunday, September 24, 2023

How to Fix the Infinite Loading Screen Issue in the Anthem Demo?

So, the Anthem VIP Demo has started a few days ago and a very common issue has been part of most experiences. Whenever gamers try to do a mission or expedition, then loading screens don’t always get to finish. That’s extremely annoying. But how do you fix the infinite loading screen issue?

Well, there is no real solution for this right now. You can’t prevent infinite loading screens until EA releases an update for Anthem that fixes the malfunction. However, there is something you can do to bypass the anomaly.

All you have to do is close the game when your infinite loading screen is happening but there is a catch… You can’t just close the game by alt-tabbing and right click Close Window in your taskbar.

How to Fix the Infinite Loading Screen Issue in the Anthem Demo?

First of all, you need to know if you are really stuck. This usually happen when you are at around 90% into the loading bar. If it doesn’t progress anymore, then you can just follow the steps below.

1st Step: Click CTRL+ALT+DELETE and select Task Manager.

2nd Step: Select Processes and look for the Anthem Demo under Apps.

Note: If you have closed your demo by simply shutting it down, check under Background Processes (sometimes it gets stuck there). Origin won’t let you re-launch the game if it’s still stuck there. If you can’t find it, restart your computer until Origin lets you restart the game again (easiest option).

3rd Step: Right click on the Anthem Demo in the Apps list and select End Task to close the game safely. Alternatively, you can also just select it and click on the End task button down there.

4th Step: Now, all you have to do is start the Anthem Demo again via Origin and you will be given the option to rejoin your mission or expedition once you login to a server.

That’s It! You Can Now Play Anthem

This is the way I’ve found to play the full Anthem VIP Demo so far. It might not be the quickest way but it’s surely the easiest one! Most importantly it works.

In other words, you can finally experience Anthem’s missions and expeditions with this temporary fix on how to fix the infinite loading screen.

Now, I’m not sure for how long this issue will persist. But this fix will most likely keep working for the open demo and even the full game when it releases.

If you are not sure how to pre-load or install the Anthem demo, feel free to check our guide with all the necessary steps.

The official release date for Anthem is on February 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Marta Branco
Marta Branco is an experienced digital marketer with an international background. She has contributed to the video game industry, by collaborating with Unigamesity and VgamerZ in the past. She has been a gamer since always and at long last, she has founded a project dedicated to survival video games.

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