The Culling Origins Strategy Guide to Last Longer and Achieve Victory

10. Beware of Too Much Chasing

Chasing is something that happens all the time, either because someone doesn’t want to fight yet or because they’re going down. Whatever the reason, be aware that chasing too much might not end too well for you, especially in the end game. You might even run into a third player who’s ready to pick the two of you.

Moreover, some players are sneaky enough to prepare traps in advance and lure you into them. Explosives, for instance, can kill you in one blow. Traps can also reward your opponent with a free backstab. So, the next time you start a chasing marathon… Think if it’s really worth it.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 10 Chasing Man Tracker

11. Maintain a Full Health and Stamina Bar

Whether you’ve just won a fight or you fell off from a cliff, make sure you’re as healthy as you can. Don’t go around scavenging and exploring with a severed health or stamina bar. There are many ways to keep your HP bar full, such as using the red healing machine.

If you’re not close to one, craft bandaids until your health is full again. When it comes to low stamina if you’re surprised by an enemy you won’t be able to run away, defend yourself or even charge an attack.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 11 Full Hp and Stamina Medkit

12. Interfere in Other Duels

Are you thirsty for kills? Then, empathy won’t serve you well here. Wait patiently for other players to engage and fight each other. The next move is yours to decide. You can either try to fight both when they’re low HP or pick the survivor.

It’s not a move to be proud of but it’s all about survival in the end. And kills reward you with a lot of gear and F.U.N.C. So, no matter how scummy this strategy is… It does bring you results. Just don’t rely on this to win games. It probably won’t happen.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 12 Inter in Duels

13. Prepare Traps and Surprise Attacks

When you’re close to the end game, approach the middle of the map and check if anyone is around. Start placing some traps quietly and wait for the opportune moment. Don’t forget to trigger them once you’re fighting thought! However, it’s wise to let people fight each other until there’s one or two left. Ideally, one but… every game is different.

Do you remember the last point? If you engage in combat and there are other players nearby… They will come for you no matter the scenario. It’s an unnecessary risk to take if you really want to achieve victory. So, patience will be your best friend here.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 13 Traps Punji Sticks

14. Favor Fighting Over Running

When everyone is geared up, running is pretty much useless. They can throw every item at you, there might be traps around, they might have bows and guns… Plus, the gas is coming to keep you enclosed, there’s not much ground to run around.

So, fight as well as you can. Try to predict your enemy and counter-attack. Use all the resources you have and hope for the best! You can also jump and do small sprints around the middle to try and confuse your enemy but forget long distance runs.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 14 Favor Fighting

15. Play Around the Middle Circle

Finally, the last tip to win in the late game is to play smart with what you have, which is the center arena. These metal walls are not just for decoration, they can serve as cover and shield you from bullets and arrows.

You can also walk on the top edges and jump when your opponent is charging at you. You can even try to hide in a corner momentarily to activate a stim, medkit or bandaid. Sometimes, taking some time to think about your next move can be the key to victory.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 14 Favor Fighting

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