The Culling Origins Strategy Guide to Last Longer and Achieve Victory

6. Structure Your Selected Items

If you’ve got enough gear, then please organize your key bindings and memorize them. It often happens that people get lost in their own items. If you’ve got a crafted satchel or backpack, you will have 4-5 available slots. Use them properly.

Another point to consider is the type of items you keep. Ideally, you want to have one melee weapon, one ranged weapon, one utility or trap and 1-2 stims. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every single build but it’s better than keeping five melee weapons.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 6 Organize Items

7. Keep in Mind the Combat System

It’s true that practice makes perfect but if you’re not familiar with the fighting system then don’t aim too high. Expectations can be easily broken when you don’t know what you’re doing in-game. Make sure you understand the paper-rock-scissor logic of The Culling Origins. That’s the only way you’ll be able to fight properly.

Once you’ve got that mastered, it will become much easier to read and predict your enemy’s movement. Therefore, act more strategically and take advantage of every flaw or mistake coming from the opponent side.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 7 Combat System

8. Analyse If It’s Worth Engaging

Now, that you’re ready to fight it’s time for some action. Whenever you see an enemy, pay attention to the visible gear. Do they have a tier 3-4 weapon? Do they have a bow or a gun? Do they have body armor or just used a stim?

In The Culling, there’s a lot of visual information that you can use before you even engage. That’s great, it exists to be used so don’t waste it. If your enemy seems to be better geared than you, then maybe it’s not such a good idea to fight him/her yet. On the other hand, if you’re confident in your fighting skills you will be highly rewarded.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 8 Engaging Enemy Inspection Bow Aim

9. Use Your Advantages at the Start of the Fight

It’s common to kill someone and then loot stims, explosives, traps… It makes you wonder if you’d have killed them if they had been smart enough to use these items. So, before engaging, activate your stims, prepare a trap. Use your items, you’ve got them for that.

Don’t wait for the “next” fight because most of the time there won’t be one! Use your advantages whenever you’ve got them to ensure there will be effectively a next fight. In The Culling, saving for the future can cost your present big time.

The Culling Origins Strategy Guide - 9 Stim Orange Juice

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