Atomic Society Strategy Guide to Survive the Apocalypse

18. Meeting the Raiders

When the Raiders┬ávisit you, no good news ever come from the encounter. You can either submit and obey their requests or resist and go to war. Both options have their pros and cons but it all depends on your settlement situation. You are free to choose any option but the outcomes can be quite devastating for your settlement’s future.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Raiders Demand - Accept or Resist

19. When to Obey or Resist the Raiders?

If you have a decent defense already, it’s worth to resist their demands and keep your freedom. After all, they usually want workers for their faction, a % of your resources or a law change. It’s a great strike on your economy and city systems. On the other hand, if you are not prepared to defend yourself. Then, it’s better to accept their terms for the time being. It will buy you some time to grow and become stronger.

20. How to Recover from a Raider Attack?

In case you have chosen to go to war and you didn’t exactly win… Then, start by repairing expensive and priority buildings with your leader. Do soft repairs too, to ensure nothing falls down just yet. If you have many workers, build more Repair Shacks. If not, leave cheap buildings behind, you can always reconstruct them later if it comes to that.

Also, make sure to agree to the Raiders’ request next time they visit you. Unless you want to lose half of your buildings…

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - War Damage - Repair Buildings

21. Standing Up and Resist the Raiders!

Once you get back on your feet, it’s time to invest massively on your defenses. Make sure to build several Watch Towers. Check their radius through the purple circle and ensure that you fit all the buildings you can inside that radius. That’s the only way you can protect your settlement. Any unprotected buildings will be damaged or destroyed during Raider attacks.

Moreover, you need to fill your Watch Towers with enforcers and make sure there are enough scavenged weapons or homemade weapons in stock. Otherwise, your defenses will be quite weak and Raiders will still do a lot of damage.

22. Tricky Social Issues

While addressing to determined social issues, keep in mind that benevolent decisions might look good in the picture but they will drag you down. For example, if you incentive homosexuality you risk lower birth rates. Also, if you tolerate or support transgender people, you will lose precious medicine and health care that could be used to heal people that are dying. It can be quite tricky, so choose wisely!

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Laws - homosexuality Law

23. Far Sights

As you approach the end game, ruins and resource sites will be further and further away from your settlement. This doesn’t mean you should stop scavenging though. On the other hand, you should build more Scavenging Huts and get your leader to loot as much as possible. It’s a great idea to turn several ruins into storehouses to allow a quicker deliverance.

24. Goals

Are you wondering how can you achieve victory in Atomic Society? Well, you simply have to fulfill all the goals. There are five and they include a population of 350 survivors, a hope rating above 30%, a full defense against Raiders, all the town needs must be above 50% and at least 6 laws must be enabled. Once you do all of that, you will unlock a survival message to inform you have thrived and conquered the wastelands.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Goals

Atomic Society Strategy Guide in Depth

Was this strategy guide clear to you? If you need any further details or tips, please feel free to watch our exclusive walkthrough that shows you how to start from zero and achieve victory in Atomic Society.

If you have any questions about this Atomic Society strategy guide, please feel free to get in touch with us! We wish you a long lasting journey in this new strategy survival game.

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