Atomic Society Strategy Guide to Survive the Apocalypse

13. Growth Rate

Keep in mind that your growth rate will always rise unless you have some severe issue going on in your settlement, such as plagues or war. Your birth rate will be positive and many refugees will come to join you. As such, make sure to adjust your buildings to the present needs of your settlement. If your water bar starts decreasing, then it’s definitely time to build another Water Well or Dew Collector.

14. Convert Ruins Into Useful Buildings

As you deplete old ruins, you will notice that some give you the option to convert into something useful… You can choose to turn depleted sites into Garissons, Storehouses or even Homes. It’s just a way to stabilize space and they don’t really need protection as they count as a claimed territory. So, feel free to use them as you please.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Ruins Outpost - Convert Useful

15. Laws & Outcomes

While choosing your laws, consider all the possible results from your decision. Sometimes, freedom and tolerance can develop into bigger issues. In a post-apocalyptic situation, maintaining the order is surely not an easy task. Also, you will need to build adequate buildings to implement certain laws. For example, you need a Prison if you want murdered to get jailed or an Info Post if you want women to get educated about abortion.

16. Better Health

Don’t dismiss your health system, if you haven’t built your first Hospital ye, then it’s time to do so! Hospitals employee quite a lot of people but they also receive many patients at once. It’s a very efficient investment. Don’t forget you can build homemade medicine with Chemist buildings. Moreover, as you progress, more and more survivors will age and retire. It’s important to build an Elders End to ensure a peaceful departing for your elders.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Health Hospital Elders End

17. Defense

If you haven’t met the Raiders yet, then don’t worry. They will visit you very soon. In fact, this is a huge part of the game. So, we have created several points dedicated to the Raiders in this Atomic Society strategy guide.

In the meanwhile, you should prepare some steady defends to ensure you won’t become a slave of such hostile forces. You can start by building a Watch Tower for settlement protection and a Weaponsmith to produce homemade weapons. The end goal is to get your city fully protected and defend any enemy attacks…


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