Atomic Society Strategy Guide to Survive the Apocalypse

6. More Storage

You will soon face a full storage, you will need to build more storehouse to solve the issue. But don’t invest too much here. Gather enough resources to build a Giant Storehouse for a maximum usage of your resources. You won’t need to worry about stock space for awhile once you build one. If your storage is full, you won’t be able to deliver any new goods you find or produce. So, keep an eye on storage space.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Giant Storehouse

7. Health

Once you fulfill basic needs, you need to start caring for your survivors’ health. Build a First Aid Tend for basic medical attention and a latrine for basic sanitation. Latrines as quite important in Atomic Society because they can prevent diarrhea and disease events. Just as food, water, and housing you need to increase medical care as your population increases.

8. Morale

The least important need is morale, it works a bit as culture or entertainment. You can build a Theater, a Tavern or a Chapel. To make things balanced, you need to build the same amount of morale structures per category. This means if you want to have two taverns, you also need to build two theaters and two chapels. Otherwise, your survivors will be unhappy about your morale choices.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Morale - Tavern and Theater

9. Crematory

No matter what you do, there are a lot of people who will die… The corpses will pile up on the streets and you really need a Crematory to clean your settlement. If you ignore the corpses, you will eventually face plagues and your death rate will increase drastically. The Crematory burns bodies quite slowly, so you might need some time to visually see the effects of this building.

10. Comfort

If you’ve got some resources to spend, then invest in better housing to increase the comfort of your survivors. It is true that they require way more resources to build but they allocate more people and provide a higher wellbeing. Besides, Luxurious Houses and Luxury Towers are the end-gaming housing options. So, you have nothing much to lose by building them as soon as possible.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Housing - Luxury Tower

11. Repairs

Your settlement needs to be repaired on a regular basis. You can manually do this with your leader by clicking on the orange repair symbol but that can be quite bothersome and time-consuming… The alternative is to build a Repair Shack (or several if you’ve got the workforce). In the beginning, just one shack will suffice. But later on, you need way more to keep things functional and running automatically.

12. Town Hall

The next step is to build a Town Hall and start addressing social issues on a bigger scale. This is possibly the most important building in the game as it allows you to make decisions on new laws and attempt to change people’s religion and belief. You can also access an extensive chart with stats about the performance of your settlement.

Keep in mind that most social issues will be locked as you first build it. They will unlock automatically as you progress. Then, you can address them and dictate a new law.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Town Hall


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