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Atomic Society Strategy Guide to Survive the Apocalypse

Atomic Society is a new strategy and simulation game with survival and city building elements. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic setting and it challenges you to survive the extreme conditions of the wasteland. We have created this Atomic Society strategy guide to help you build and survive the post-war scenario. You will also learn how to thrive and achieve all your goals.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? You are a leader in a bunker and you are confident you can rise a city from zero with the help of a few engineers. But how will you do that? What choices will you make and what consequences will you face?

Well, as you explore and roam the wasteland you will gather some other survivors who have nothing to lose. But you don’t have too much time to decide where do you want to start building. Hunger and thirst will soon quick in…

Anyway, you should first create your character and choose a map that fits your playstyle. Keep in mind that certain map can increase the difficulty of the game substantially.

1. Select a Starting Location

Don’t start building on the spot you spawn. Take a few minutes to explore the map and make a strategic decision based on the available¬†resources around you. Ideally, you want to build in the middle of several ruins that should last for a while. You want to be at the center of several resource points for easy and fast access.

Also, make sure there is enough space to build and expand. You will need to build quite a lot and you don’t want this to become a problem in the long term. Avoid places that condition your building and might be difficult to defend later on.

2. Start Building

To start building you need to pick some old ruins as a starting point. You need to convert it into a useful building. In this case, a standard-sized storehouse. This will be the beginning of your new settlement. Once you complete the conversion, you can name your city and found the settlement. Then, it’s time to start building!

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Building - Storehouse - Scavenger Hut

3. Scavenge and Deliver

You need resources to start building, so scavenge the sites around you using your leader and deliver the goods once your inventory is full. You can check the progress of your scavenging or take notice once it’s completed. After a few rounds, you should have enough materials to build some primary structures.

Keep in mind that you can find rare loot by manually scavenging with your leader. You can get backpacks to expand your inventory capacity or loot other items that will improve your scavenging skills.

4. Primary Buildings

Go for food, water, and housing buildings first. They are essential to keep your survivors alive and you don’t want to end up with a cemetery just at the start of your game. You need to use your leader to manually build for the time being… Then, head back to scavenging to gather more resources. Don’t forget to fill in the job slots in each active building or they won’t produce any resources.

Atomic Society Strategy Guide - Primary Buildings - Food and Water

5. Scavenging Hut

Build a Scavenging¬†Hut to help you gather more resources. You can employee several survivors but this is not a very reliable source. The process is quite slow, so don’t stop scavenging with your leader. This is simply a little extra to help you going… Later on, you can build several scavenging huts to somewhat automate your scavenging power.

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