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The Culling Origins Island Invitational - InnovSurvivalist
Friday, June 9, 2023

Tru3Ta1ent Wins The Culling Origins Island Invitational

Xaviant has organized The Culling Origins Island Invitational, a 25k$ cash-prize US tournament featuring 16 online personalities from Twitch. The event happened today, September 29th at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. After thee intense matches, The British streamer Tru3Ta1ent came forward with a glorious win under the username of 100 ping hero.

The matches were played very tactically since high money prizes were at stake. 100$ per kill that’s what Xaviant established for all three matches.

However, there could only be one winner at the end of the event. As such, the last match counted as the final and decisive moment for all the survivors.

Despite the majority of the contestants being from the US, Europe came out victorious through the strategical gameplay of Tru3Ta1ent.

How Did The Culling Origins Island Invitational Go?

The first tournament match was not the most glorious. The end duels were quite messy and the streamer AvaGG ended up winning by hitting two other players from afar.

The second match was won by Anthony_Kongphan who anihilated his enemies, literally. He ended the match with an impressive result of 7 kills.

But the third and final match was won by Tru3Ta1ent who was playing from England all along with about 100 ping. He came out victorious with a prize of 10k$.

After winning, Tru3Ta1ent was incredibly happy and kept explaining his mentality during the entire tournament. These are some of his final thoughts about the victory:

“This is mental! There was a bit of delay but i Kept my cool. with tactics i was able to overcome the lag issues. it was fun and We GOT THE BIG POT!”

Congratulations to the winners and hopefully, this experience can serve as an example of how strategy can overcome all sorts of difficulties.

Marta Branco
Marta Branco is an experienced digital marketer with an international background. She has contributed to the video game industry, by collaborating with Unigamesity and VgamerZ in the past. She has been a gamer since always and at long last, she has founded a project dedicated to survival video games.

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