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Why Niffelheim Won't Start and Crashes with a Black Screen? - News
Friday, June 9, 2023

Why Niffelheim Won’t Start and Crashes with a Black Screen?

If your Niffelheim won’t start and you have tried several fixes, such as game and drivers reinstalling… Then, it probably means you’re affected by a critical bug with DirectX and some high-end graphics cards.

In case you’ve just purchased Niffelheim and the game is crashing on startup, then you might want to find out the reason. Right now, there are huge chances that you won’t be able to play the game on your current set up.

I have recently purchased this survival-RPG game but surprisingly, the game doesn’t run at all. Once I try to start it, the game goes into a black window with a green outline and an endless loading cursor icon. Sounds familiar to you?

No matter how much you wait for nothing really happens. If you click somewhere the game immediately crashes with a white screen and the following Windows message: “Niffelheim.exe is not responding”. The only option is to close it.

NiffelheimI just assumed it was some corrupted file. So, I started doing a few generic fixes, including:

  • Verifying the integrity of game files via Steam
  • Reinstalling the game
  • Reinstalling NVIDIA Drivers
  • Reinstalling DirectX

It’s Not Your Fault if Niffelheim Won’t Start

After trying all of these, I started suspecting that maybe there’s something wrong with this game. However, I couldn’t find much information on the web.

That’s when I went to Steam Discussions and found something interesting. According to the Ellada Games game developer Andrew there some issues with DirectX and some new video cards:

“We heard [theRE ARE SOME] problems with the new video cards and DirectX12.”

The developer has also said this is a Unity issue, a cross-platform game engine:

“I am sure, that it is DirectX and Unity problems. We will try to solve it. thank you for the feedback.”

In a most recent discussion, I have asked about my problem specifically. The same game developer came forward to tell me there have been two reported issues with GTX 1060. So, this might not be just a DirectX and Unity issue:

“we have already 2 issues with GTX 1060 and IT’s just with this videocard. The others ARE working well.”

Note: You should ensure your computer meets at least the minimum requirements to run the game. This issue applies mostly to new machines.

It’s Not a New Issue Either…

The first incident report dates April of this year, which means this is a known issue that hasn’t yet been resolved. Despite the great support and open communication, players who face this problem won’t be able to play the game. At least not on their current setup.

Therefore, if you have just purchased your copy and Niffelheim won’t start you should probably refund it or try in a different computer or laptop.

The development team seems to be working on a solution right now but it doesn’t seem like an easy fix. Hopefully, they will figure something out in the near future.

Meanwhile, you get to know why your Niffelheim won’t start and what are the reasons behind this incident. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us.

Marta Branco
Marta Branco is an experienced digital marketer with an international background. She has contributed to the video game industry, by collaborating with Unigamesity and VgamerZ in the past. She has been a gamer since always and at long last, she has founded a project dedicated to survival video games.

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