Fallout 76 Beta: The Final Countdown is Here

Fallout 76 Beta Vault Tec

Are you ready to take part in the Fallout 76 beta? Xbox One players who have pre-ordered digitally can start pre-downloading the game right away. The first session is starting soon on October 23 at 7pm ET, followed by PC and PS4 on October 30. There seem to be several beta sessions being prepared but Bethesda hasn’t yet specified about the exact amount.

The first Fallout 76 beta session will happen on Xbox One next Tuesday, October 23 from 7pm ET to 11pm ET. This four hour period will consist essentially of a stress test, which was already announced by Bethesda in the FAQ. This system will replace the typical beta strategy that is online all day long and lasts for several days. This is an understandable procedure to ensure the servers will be ready to accommodate all the players on release. After all, this is Bethesda’s first online multiplayer survival RPG.

However, the chosen time seems to favor US players since the start time will be around midnight for EU players. Perhaps, there were way more pre-orders for Xbox One US than EU or the next beta session will favor EU players.

In the announcement tweet, Bethesda referred to the “first session” hinting towards others Beta sessions. It’s still unknown how many short sessions Bethesday is planing out during the whole event. So, the best thing to do right now is to stay tuned to their official Twiter page for more beta updates as this one:

Be prepared! The B.E.T.A. is now available to pre-load on  One. Download it today to be ready for the first session planned for October 23 from 7pm ET to 11pm ET. Visit our FAQ on how to download: 
— Bethesda (@Fallout) 

Pre-Download Fallout 76 Beta Now

Xbox One players can start pre-downloading the beautiful 43,7GB that will compose the final version of Fallout 76 beta. It might take you a while to finish the download, so start now. You don’t have too much time left at this point.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the game, you can still access all the betas by doing so here.
Don’t trust websites selling “beta codes”, most of them are scams. There are some people selling their beta codes but don’t get high on expectations.

If you want to download the Bethesda launcher and get everything ready for the beta day, then you can do it here. Don’t forget to redeem your beta code.

What to Expect for PC and PS4?

For October 30, you can expect a similar setting with multiple beta sessions announced via Twitter. The good news is that you can check out how the first experiences turn out on Xbox One. This means that Bethesda will have some time to improve or fix things that are not working too well with the game or servers.

You can also expect some bugs and glitches but not too many. After all, the release date is exactly 14 days after the last scheduled beta. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be too surprised if the servers can’t handle all the participants.

Betas are generally known for their chaotic and turbulent aspect. They generate frustration and discontentment when you are not able to play properly. But they also build excitement and joy when you can.

This might be the first survival multiplayer game from Bethesda but they have extensive experience with online games, including The Elder Scrolls Online. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too concerned about server issues.

Don’t Forget This is the Final Game

Regardless of where you play, keep in mind that the Fallout 76 beta is the final version of the game. In fact, PC players don’t need to re-download the game on November 14, when the game gets released. Moreover, everyone who takes part in the beta will be able to carry over their progress once the game is released.

So, let the countdown begin! Prepare your Fallout 76 beta and make sure to enjoy this brand new survival RPG game from Bethesda. You might also want to check out eight essential things about the Fallout 76 beta launch.

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