Chaos in the Anthem VIP Demo Launch Leaves Thousands of Players Out

Anthem VIP Demo Launch Fail

The Anthem VIP Demo launch happened around one hour ago but the server capacity is not enough for all the eligible players to log in. The result couldn’t be more chaotic, thousands of players are being left out of the experience.

EA has already posted a statement saying they are working on the issue. But they are taking their time to implement a viable solution. One hour later, the issue is still going and players all over the world are still waiting for a chance to log in. Here’s what EA said so far:

We’re adding more server capacity to the #Anthem demo right now. Hang tight while we work to get everyone into the game.

EA Help – 25/01, 2018

In the meanwhile, everyone who has pre-ordered Anthem or purchased an EA/Origin subscription will have to wait until more servers are added.

EA has not specified when will this happen. The Anthem VIP Demo launch is being marked by chaos, discontentment, and frustration for many.

The First Issue with the Anthem VIP Demo Launch

Whenever eligible players try to connect, they receive the following connection error message, followed by an apalogy:

No matter how many times you try to reconnect or restart the game… It simply won’t work for now because there are way too few servers for all the players trying to connect and play the demo.

This issue is not a surprise for most people… In fact, it was expected as spotted in many social media comments. After all, each pre-order came with three invitation codes. In other words, each pre-order includes three accesses to try the Anthem VIP Demo.

Anthem’s Twitter page is being flooded with complain comments. More than 4k posts have been added to the tweet mentioned above.

The Second Error Just Arrived!

After adding more servers, the Anthem VIP Demo launch is now plagued with an infinite loading screen bug. Apparently, the solution is to restart the game. But that doesn’t seem to be helping most of the players affected by this issue.

So far, for many Anthem players all they get to see is an infinite loading screen saying “Connecting to Online Services”:

It Keeps Getting Worse

EA managed to add more servers around 2 hours after the Anthem VIP Demo launch went live. But things keep getting worse. After infinite loading screens, the Origin client mysteriously went offline.

Players are now unable to login or access any Origin games. EA is yet to post an announcement about this on-going issue.

After this message, Origin disabled all sign in attempts. Players are now unable to sign into Origin and receive the following message:

Origin Login Unavailable Anthem

For all it matters, there will still be another demo next week. Everyone will be able to join the open beta (supposdely). For more details, check our guide on how to pre-load Anthem and learn about the open demo date & time.

The official release date for Anthem is on February 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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