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Top 15 The Culling Origins Announcer Quotes

If you have ever played The Culling Origins, you surely know how amusing and sarcastic the announcer can be. That sweet dark humor adds a special touch to the game. That’s why we have selected the funniest and most hilarious The Culling Origins Announcer Quotes. Go blunt or go home!

1. “We analyzed your victim’s blood and it turns out they were anemic. It looks like you fixed that! In the end, they had plenty of iron in their blood.” – Kill Announcement
2. “Hold up, hey! It’s time to put on your gas mask if you have one. Prepare for the Chokening! Don’t you hate it when you finish a fight and another person shows up? To be blunt they’re just like weeds. You can kill those weeds if you turn on the master gas switch in the center arena! Choke all those weeds. Choke weeds every day.” – Event Announcement
3. “You just killed the F.U.N.C. out of them. I mean literally. Your F.U.N.C. balanced went up when you killed them. Just saying…” – Kill Announcement
4. “Someone just got shanked with a dirty unsterilized blade. Good thing he’s dead or that wound might have got infected.” – Kill Announcement
5. “Someone just threw something, and killed another contestant!” – Kill Announcement
6. “I’m surprised you didn’t crack that rock while bashing their brains out. They seem to have a really thick skull.” – Kill Announcement
7. “It’s time to play grab my package! A random airdrop is on its way to a secret location. Feel free to share the content with other contestants. Get out there and grab my package!” – Event Announcement
8. “That took some skill or luck… Probably just luck but still…” – Kill Announcement
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