How Does the Fallout 76 PvP System Work?

How Does the Fallout 76 PvP System Work - PowerSuit and Sniper Players

The Fallout 76 beta period has just ended and it’s time to take a closer look at the PvP. Bethesda has long announced that the Fallout 76 PvP System would prevent griefers ruining your game experience while exploring West Virginia. But how does it all work? There is so much theory around but when it comes to gameplay, does it all apply?

Fallout 76 won’t be anything like Rust or Conan Exiles, two iconic survival multiplayer games with extensive PvP features. Gamers can’t raid other players’ bases or group up to take down weaker and fewer opponents. They can’t keep killing and grieving the same player over and over without consequences.

You surely can’t loot other people’s inventory or stored goods after death. In fact, you can hardly kill someone in Fallout 76 if they don’t fight back. It’s not just about the fact that it’d not fun to hit someone as if you were hitting a wall. The system will make it very difficult for you to kill someone when the fighting encounter is not accepted.

At first glance, the entire PvP in Fallout 76 sounds incredibly boring and unchallenging for PvP fans. You can’t do anything at all… unlike in so many other games of this genre. Besides, killing people doesn’t seem to be rewarding or satisfying…

But before you jump into conclusions, you should have a full understanding of the whole picture. So, how does Fallout 76 PvP System Work?

Bethesda Has Created Their Own Set of PvP Rules

If you haven’t tried the Fallout 76 PvP System yet, then don’t just assume you have everything figured out. Bethesda has created their own PvP world with very peculiar rules. It’s probably different from any other game you have played before.

Despite being a survival multiplayer game, you can’t go around and kill people as you please without facing the consequences. In theory, you could but do you have what it takes to do it? You would basically be fighting your entire server if you decided to do so…

Also, there are no rewards for being a murderer and killing harmless players who don’t wish to fight you. You might give them a hard time for a little while but you will also be adding a bounty to your head. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that.

Beginner Protection Until Level Five

When you start your Fallout 76 journey, you don’t have to think about PvP at all. You get the status called Pacifist, which prevents you from taking part of any PvP events. This status is automatically gone once you reach level five.

To initiate any player combat, you just have to attack another player. You can also get attacked by any other player at any time. But keep in mind, all damaged is ignored when you are teaming up with your friends or allies.

On the other hand, if you have killed someone and you have a wanted murderer status… Anyone can see you in the map and attempt to kill you with normal damage. So, you either kill or you will be killed sooner or later.

Fallout 76 - PvP - Level 5 Allies, Strangers & Enemies PvP Rules

But… Can You Still Grief or Troll?

This is a question that many players ask themselves about Fallout 76. The answer is yes, you can still grief other players but with heavy consequences. Let’s say that you can soft grief with a set of defined rules.

For example, you can kill someone while they are doing an event and prevent them from receiving any reward since they will probably spawn outside of the event radius. That is a very annoying way to deny rewards and experience to someone.

You can also kill someone and slow their journey massively. Just imagine someone has not explored a part of the map and is trying to reach a certain teleport point… And suddenly they are killed. That person will have to walk for some long 10 minutes again. Ouch!

PvP Level Balancing

The Fallout 76 PvP system is designed to blur out the level differences between players. This means that you definitely have a winning chance if you get attacked by someone much higher. The game has a level balancing system for all PvP encounters.

On the other hand, gear level and bonuses might make it a bit difficult for lower players to deal with. So, the higher-level player will always have a slight advantage. But this is a great way to ensure level caps won’t aid any sort of bullying.

Damage & Return Fire Rules

Return fire rules are probably the most important thing you need to consider while fighting other players in Fallout 76. When you first attack someone, your damage will be drastically reduced. Your damage will only normalize once the fire is returned by the person you are attacking.

As such, don’t be surprised if you are hardly hurting someone when you are starting a PvP duel. However, there is an exception to this rule. If you are engaging a wanted player, then your damage won’t suffer any penalties.

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