15 Fallout 76 Beta Revelations So Far

11. Password Guessing Games are Back

Did you miss the password code guessing games? Well, they are back to challenge you. To be honest, they were never that hard but it’s still a great addition to the game. This will most likely be an alternative to locked chests and doors. We just know they are part of the new Fallout experience according to beta footage.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Password Code Unlock

12. You Can Teleport to Events

There are world events happening on a regular basis as stated above. You can check the on-going events by going through your map. It will be marked as a yellow symbol. If you pass your cursor over it, you’ll understand it is a world event. You don’t have to walk there though, you can simply teleport through your map. That’s fantastic, right?

13. There Are Government Aid Drops

It seems like airdrops are one of the key concepts of survival games these days… In Fallout 76, the airdrops are delivered by flying cargo bots at certain locations. They seem to land only when there are no enemy NPCs around but it’s unclear if they land randomly or at specific landing spots. The loot is quite varied and it can range from unique weapons and armor to ammo, cash, and even ingredients.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Airdrop - Government Aid Drops

14. Tons of Cosmetics and Customization

Bethesda had also specified that Fallout 76 will introduce a huge amount of cosmetics and customization features. You will be able to find and loot different cosmetics. But that’s not all… There will be an in-game store with all sort of cosmetics for your brave lovely survivor. For the first time, you will be able to rock the apocalypse without enabled mods!

15. PvP Starts at Level 5

If you’re a huge fan of PvP, then you can freely do so in Fallout 76 once you reach level five. There will be no damage reduction but be aware that you can only fairly fight if your opponent fights back. Otherwise, you will earn a bounty for killing peaceful players. Also, keep in mind that allies benefit of a full damage reduction.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - PvP

Smooth Beta with Tight Schedules

So far, so good! The first Fallout 76 beta session was a great success. Despite some lag and high FPS due to server stress tests, everything ran rather smoothly. Players were able to log in time and the beta finished right when Bethesda said it would. Therefore, this probably means that PC and PS4 beta sessions will happen without major issues.

What Do You Think of These Fallout 76 Beta Revelations?

There were some major features revealed yesterday and that’s stunning news for everyone who wants to play Fallout 76. What revelation surprised you the most? Did you take part in the XboxOne beta? Are you excited about these Fallout 76 revelations? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!


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