15 Fallout 76 Beta Revelations So Far

5. Photomode for A Lot of Cinematic Fun

Do you enjoy taking wonderful and stunning screenshots? We’ve got great news for you! In Fallout 76 you can access the “photomode”, which is basically a clean in-game screen with no interface noise. Just so you can take amazing and beautiful screenshots to fulfill your cinematic desires. This is probably one of the most exciting features for Fallout fans… now, you can easily capture your most dramatic and fun moments.

Fallout 76 - Photomode

6. Grouping or Solo

Bethesda¬†has long announced that social and multiplayer features will be the core of Fallout 76. The Xbox One beta has strengthened this statement. You can fully journey and experience the game in a group of four players maximum. You can also team up with other players for events and trade with them whenever they’re close to you. But if you’re a lone wolf, there is also the possibility to do most things on your own.

7. Instruments Can Be Played

Surprisingly, instrument play will be a thing in Fallout 76. That’s a fun revelation! It’s still not known the full instrument list that will be available in-game. However, beta footage has shown that pianos, tubas and small drums can be played. Are you ready to start your own symphony in the apocalypse? There will also be a guitar sword… but this seems to be a funny weapon.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Piano Instrument Play

8. Bobby Pins and Unlocking Skill

Booby pins are part of the most challenging Fallout 76 revelations. You will come across chests and doors that are locked but there is a way to unlock them. All you need is a bunch of bobby pins and some skill. Or just one bobby pin if you’re really talented at by-passing locks in Fallout. The mechanism seems to be identical to Fallout 4.

9. Missions and Robot NPCs

Fallout fans got quite upset when Bethesda announced that human NPCs wouldn’t be a thing in Fallout 76. But there will be plenty of missions, including main, side and daily missions to feed¬†your role-playing. They will mostly be guided by robots and computers though. You can find written memos and audio logs in the world. If you get a little bored, you can always participate in world events.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Robot NPC- Camden Park Security

10. You Can Access Computer Terminals

There are tons of computers that are accessible to players. Just like in Fallout 4, you can select and read the logs to learn more about certain missions and the lore. These are fantastic news for players who were afraid Fallout 76 would be a pure survival game with no lore content. It seems the opposite!


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