15 Fallout 76 Beta Revelations So Far

Fallout 76 - Starry Blue Night

If you’re looking forward to playing the next Fallout, then you surely don’t want to miss out the following Fallout 76 beta revelations. The Xbox One beta has just started and the final game has been fully disclosed. After all, the beta version is the complete and final version of the game. As such, you can get excited with what you see right now!

Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or learn more about Fallout 76, these revelations will most likely increase your hype about trying out the game (if you haven’t yet). If you were concerned about getting bored easily, then don’t… There is plenty to do in Fallout 76 and you are very prompt to experience some harsh deja vus.

The game includes many elements from the previous Fallout 4 and it establishes that peculiar ambiance typical of a Fallout title. But this is a multiplayer and survival game, so things get quite interesting, to say the least. Let’s move on to the Fallout 76 beta revelations. Shall we?

1. Almost Everything Awards You with XP

As a typical survival video game, Fallout 76 awards you for doing almost anything. You earn experience by crafting, completing missions,exploring new areas, and killing enemies. Judging the number of items you need to sustain yourself, you’re probably going to craft a lot. Food, weapons, armor, and utility items are all part of the experience¬†list. Besides that, you will encounter enemies no matter where you go So, leveling up is a matter of activity.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Ghoul Kill Experience XP Gain

2. You Can Craft All Sorts of Things

This is not really fresh news but the Xbox One beta has shown that your crafting¬†possibilities are very wide and diverse. You can collect and store all sorts of ingredients and parts to fill your recipe requirements. Apart from the normal item crafting, you can also build and customize your own shelter. Things become even more intriguing when you earn experience by creating your own goodies…

3. Extensive Map to Adventure and Explore

Have you seen the full extent of the Fallout 76 map? It’s huge! There are dozens upon dozens of landmarks to explore alone or with your friends. There seem to be level zones too, which will present you with more challenging encounters and better loot. The map is also diverse and quite dynamic. After all, you can find different landscapes and world events as your adventure progresses.

Fallout 76 Beta Revelations - Map Part

4. Fallout 4 Vibes Everywhere

One of the most exciting Fallout 76 revelations is that it resembles so much to Fallout 4. You have several radio stations to tune in with the same type of jazz swing old classic musical style. Moreover, the in-game interface is basically the same and your pipboy will make you feel at home. The enemies will give you some great deja vu feelings as well (if you’ve played any of the previous Fallout games).


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