Despite the focus on original content, InnovSurvivalist still uses online sources and press releases to extract essential information. However, our posts will not be copy-pasted or feature unedited portions from these same sources. This disclaimer clarifies all the points that can compromise content accuracy.

Opinion and Perspectives

When it comes to opinion, InnovSurvivalist can’t be held responsible for the veracity of the content. Each author is responsible for their own perspectives and opinions, not the website or the owners of the website in any circumstance. Therefore, InnovSurvivalist is not necessarily responsible for the opinions of contributing authors.

Guides, Tricks, and Tips

In general, guides and strategies are part of the author’s opinion on how to succeed at a certain video game. Therefore, you should keep in mind that not every guide is suitable for your personal gameplay. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the content is not accurate or reliable.

There are many ways to achieve the same goal in video games. As such, we are not responsible if our educational content is not providing the results you were expecting.


In InnovSurvivalist, published posts will display opinion under a quotation mark to establish a clear differentiation between contents. We will also unveil the author’s name and source of that same quotation.

We are not responsible for the contents of author quotes. After all, they are statements that contain opinions and demark a position. In other cases, they might simply be vital sources of information.

Media Usage

InnovSurvivalist uses images, videos, game titles, company names, among others. These are obviously copyrighted material towards the respective owners. Nonetheless, InnovSurvivalist does not mean any copyright infringements.

InnovSurvivalist features media content as a promotional method. You might encounter all sorts of media content on published posts. We do this procedure to ensure we deliver information accordingly and with as much credibility as possible.

For any reason, if you wish to remove any copyrighted material from our website, please contact us with the details and we’ll proceed towards a resolution.

Content Sources

InnovSurvivalist resorts to press releases, briefs and online sources to retrieve most of the published content. As such, if the content present in these sources is not reliable, it compromises the entire sharing process.

We usually share our main informational source when it comes to news and rumors. But keep in mind that sometimes this may not be possible. Despite our efforts, published content might, sometimes, present errors or lack of consistency.

Third-Party Input

InnovSurvivalist features advertisement banners across the entire website. The ads banners are not owned or controlled by InnovSurvivalist. This means, that all advertisements are out of our hands and we are not responsible for its contents.

Therefore, you are responsible for clicking on the advertisements. We will never request or suggest you to click in any of them. You are entirely responsible for your actions, once you browse outside of our website through the advertisement banners.

Disclaimer in a Nutshell

Lastly, InnovSurvivalist can’t guarantee the total accuracy, completeness, and reliability of the content published on the website. Mostly, because it may include opinions, perspectives, and third-party input. Therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policies or methods of any third-party websites.

By reading this disclaimer, you hereby agree to relieve us from any and all liability that may arise from your use and access to third-party content present in InnovSurvivalist.