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Marta Branco is an experienced digital marketer with an international background. She has contributed to the video game industry, by collaborating with Unigamesity and VgamerZ in the past. She has been a gamer since always and at long last, she has founded a project dedicated to survival video games.

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How Does the Fallout 76 PvP System Work - PowerSuit and Sniper Players

How Does the Fallout 76 PvP System Work?

The Fallout 76 beta period has just ended and it’s time to take a closer look at the PvP. Bethesda has long announced that...
Tru3Ta1ent Wins The Culling Origins Island Invitational

Tru3Ta1ent Wins The Culling Origins Island Invitational

Xaviant has organized The Culling Origins Island Invitational, a 25k$ cash-prize US tournament featuring 16 online personalities from Twitch. The event happened today, September...
Niffelheim - RPG Survival - Wallpaper

Why Niffelheim Won’t Start and Crashes with a Black Screen?

If your Niffelheim won't start and you have tried several fixes, such as game and drivers reinstalling... Then, it probably means you're affected by a...
Atomic Society Strategy Guide

Atomic Society Strategy Guide to Survive the Apocalypse

Atomic Society is a new strategy and simulation game with survival and city building elements. It's set in a post-apocalyptic setting and it challenges...