InnovSurvivalist is a project focused on the promotion of exclusive and alternative content about survival and horror video games. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will only and exclusively cover these specific types of games.

Our main objective is to deliver quality and reliable information in a rather engaging way. During the first stage of the project, you will only find articles and interactive posts. Mostly because we will be focusing on article quality and topic relevance.

We will also try to cover new survival and horror games as much as possible. Additionally, there are plans for the development and integration of videos in the near future.

InnovSurvivalist aims at providing useful and utility information for gamers, including extensive guides, tips and tricks, gaming gear reviews and the showcasing of the best game deals online.

Our Project Standards:

  • Innovation – Innovative information in the survivalist video game world is our primary concern and it will always be expressed in every single new post.
  • Consistency – Making a point is not optional – arguments and facts will prevail over sensationalism. In opinion pieces, consistency is a must.
  • Reliability – While creating content, we refer to official sources. Integrity and reliability are essential to us.  Besides, we revise and update content whenever possible.
  • Improvement – This project has a strong didactic involvement that aims to provide some of the best educational content about video games.
  • Usability – To satisfy the insatiable reader of modern days, we assure a prompt and assertive delivery with a strong balance between text and other media.
  • Engagement – Feedback is very important to us. We value your opinion and we will always take it into consideration while creating new content.

If you have any questions or business inquiries, please feel free to contact us.